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There is no such thing as a stupid guestion! Well, try these.

There are three male plugs (?) on my AR2-ax woofers. Why three ?

On the back of the 2ax's there are three posts with a wire running between two of the posts. What does this wire do and what if the wire is broken or missing?

Where can I locate replacement woofers for my AR4-ax speakers??

The folks on this forum have been a tremendous help! Thanks to all!!


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The left terminal labeled "1" is "common." The center terminal labeled "2" is to the woofer, the right terminal labeled "T" is to the tweeter and midrange. This arrangement was provided by AR for folks that wanted to biamp their speakers or use a different woofer or tweeter with the system.

The factory supplied a jumper from "2" to "T" so a normal amplifier connection could be to "1" and either one of the others.

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