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Hello I would like to say that i'm touched to be on here with all this wealth of information and experience.

1st I just picked up a pair of LSTII and started checking them out. There was one mid out and all the tweeters. I'm looking for a mid that will match. That still has the wire mesh on it.

2#Next I was thinking of putting all n,o.s. 4ohm allison tweeters in them with adapter rings no damage to the cabinets these are vary nice. Any body out there with some input on this.

3# I'm trying to put together my system that has bin in the boxes since new in 1980 thats AR9s that have not been out of the box then AR3s (I got them for $50.00) all drivers worked so I upgraded them with a layne ar3a upgrade in the wires and cross overs. Then these LSTII I paid a lot more for them $250.00. They will be powered buy three pioneer spec 4 and one 500 watt pioneer m77, Japanese numbers for the spec 2. All still new in the boxes i'm feeding them with a Yamaha dsp 100 sound processor the listening room is 14 by 24 with a 24ft ceiling it's a dome. any ideas on the speaker layout. I can't wait to listen to this set up. Hope i didn't say something wrong with the Japanese amps.

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