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Baby II's and Heritage Info


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Hi All.

I have a pair of baby advent II (sn 3026560964) and a pair of 42" advent heritages (sn3028015000).

Bought them both at the thrift, am a total noob and I'm trying to figure out what I have.

I'm considering selling the heritages because I need to buy a receiver and I don't really have the room.

I guess what I'm wondering is the following.

1. are the baby advent II's as nice as I think they sound?

2. does it make sense for me to sell the heritages if I don't have the room or should I stack one set on top of the other?

3. if I sell the heritages what should I get.

4. any other considerations other than getting a good receiver?

I realize these are not the fantastic finds I see on some other threads but I'll be keeping my eye out for those old school models.

Really great site.

Thanks for any help or expertise,






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The baby Advents are known to be decent keeping in mind their performance limitations.

The Heritages should be far superior especially if you value dynamics.

Where are you located, I might be interested in the Heritages?

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thanks boss.

do you mind if i ask you if the hetitages are worth hanging on to? Personally, i find the Baby II's to have a "pure' sound.

Do you mind if I ask you what you mean by "dynamics"? Can I ask you what you think the Heritages should go for? I'm trying to figure a stereo receiver into the deal and can't fgure out if I should keep the heritages.

What do you think?

Im in texas

- Jon

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Hi Pete.

I am in Texas so I have a feeling this may not work for you.

Can I ask you what you think I should get for them if I sell them down here? I have a local guy interested in them who doesn't want to pay for shipping.

Also, are you indicating that I get a louder sound out of the Heritages that I don't get out of the Baby II's?

I'm interested in learning a thing or two and to my ear the Baby Advents sound like they have a clearer, purer sound. Can you give me an technical information/confirmation/contradiction as to why this may be true?



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Texas is a bit far.

I'm really not that familiar with either of those models.

Generally, a smaller woofer as in the Baby, will be smoother up into the

midrange to allow a better crossover point to the tweeter. However, it will

also certainly run out of excursion much sooner than the dual woofers in

the Heritage when playing deep bass at high output. Advent has been good

at making larger woofers work well into the midrange so one would have to

question if this is really the issue. The Heritages might need work, or

have blown tweeters, there are many possiblities.

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