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Polk SDA 2


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I just picked up a set of Polk SDA-2's in the original boxes. Ashamed to admit, but the guy agreed to $40 for the pair, God! Very heavy! I was wondering if anybody ever played with a set of these and if any mods have been tried tothe crossovers. Apparently, there were several iterations of this model like 2a, and so on, but these are original and bought from the original owner, so I don't they have ever been opened up. Lay it on me guys! I have had just about everything out there in vintage stuff, but these are a new area. Thanks for all the help. Ron

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You have stumbled upon some pretty nice speakers. I don't have any SDA's yet, but they are on my "to get" list.

I do have a myriad of other Polk stuff, RTA-11T's, Monitor 10's, Monitor 7's, Monitor 5's, Monitor 5 jr's etc, and I am impressed with all the vintage Polks I have found.

Give us your opinion on the sound of your SDA's, as I am eager to get a hands on review.


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