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  1. I am quite pleased as well, especially to learn that these amazing speakers have an international following. My Model Ones remain in my main system here in New York, and I recently switched out my vintage Magnavox FD3030 CD player and replaced it with a Sony X339ES player which brought out even more smoothness and detail, giving me an even better appreciation of what these speakers are capable of. Cheers
  2. I'm glad someone who appreciates them has acquired the Cizek Ones. Hope you enjoy yours for many years to come. I was lucky enough to have found a pair for $5.00 at a garage sale, which I left behind until I got home and did an internet search, after which I went back and bought them. Thankfully, they were still there. The cabinets are mint, and came to life with a bot of cleaning and oiling. Woofers redone, and now just pristine sound. Now I need a pair of KA-1s to add to my collection. Cheers
  3. Tubeboob

    Cizek KA-1

    Paolo: As usual, you give us some Cizek magic. While these KA-1s will not reproduce bass with the power of a subwoofer, their mids and highs sound great, at least within the limits Youtube permits (MP3). Thanks again . . . Chers
  4. Very nice to see that there has been an in depth review of these Cizeks . . . Too bad it's in Italian . . . Now for some serious internet translating . . . I need to know what was said . . . Cheers
  5. I have already been fortunate enough to have found a pair of Model Ones, which I cherish as much as any speaker in my collection, and I have a few. I am looking at the Model Threes and it looks like they have 8" woofers and vinyl sides? I could be wrong, and would appreciate comments from those in the know. As far as sound quality is concerned, I am looking forward to hearing some input . . . Cheers
  6. I have seen the pictures of the KA-1s in the Italian review that Paolo posted, and they were paired with a subwoofer, or at least what appeared to be one. If I had a pair I would probably not use a sub with it, and as such I would like to get my hands on the specs of the KA-1s. I don't even know the size of the woofers, or the frequency range. I do know that they "look" like works of art, and probably sound like works of art, but I've never found a review of them in English, and the info on the web is sparse. I would love to be pointed in the direction of a proper review. Cheers
  7. If only I spoke Italian. Sure the review was tremendous nonetheless. Thanks for the post, as I relish all things Cizek. Cheers
  8. Tubeboob

    Cizek KA-1

    Hey, what is the size of the woofer? Looks like a 5 1/4 or 6 1/2 inch in size. Cheers
  9. So now that the work is done, are they ready for audition and a report to us all? How about some pics of the completed work? Cheers
  10. I regularly check the various sites for an opportunity to find more Cizek speakers, and luckily I saw that there was a pair of Ones on the Bay. I did not bid as the price went a little too high, but the seller had the original boxes, and that alone was enough to pique my interest. They sold for $549.00 with $80.00 added on for shipping. Right now I am almost envious, but I have a mint pair of my own . . . Cheers
  11. Thank you for the pics. I love reading about and looking at pictures of the Cizek Model Ones, almost as much as I love listening to them. I hope you enjoy yours to the hilt. Cheers
  12. Tubeboob

    Cizek KA-1

    Dear JKent: You have found one of the few speakers that I actively seek, but don't really expect to find. A gem to admire both visually and sonically, as I have listened to a pair on youtube (I know the sound would not be accurately represented via youtube, but . . .). I cant wait to see the end result of your refinishing the cabinets. Perhaps you could tell us how you found them, etc. Glad to see that a piece of audio history is being rebuilt. BTW, just look for a vintage pair of Polk Monitor series (5, 7, 10 etc.) and you should be able to get the Peerless that originally came with the Cizek
  13. Paolo: What speaker stands are you using with the Cizeks? They look like Polk with a few modifications, but I'm not sure. Cheers
  14. Paolo: Your video prompted me to spin some records and enjoy my Model Ones at a late hour in the night. You are so right, these speakers are, simply put, amazing. You may remember it was your prompting that convinced me to take a chance on the Cizeks, and I have never looked back. With proper source equipment you can really get audiophile quality sound. Currently I am using my JVC QL-Y66F turntable with moving coil cart, Sherwood AP-7020 preamp and Sherwood AM-7040 amplifier. Don't let the Sherwood name fool you, this combo is a phenominal pairing. Thanks again for the video/audio. Cheer
  15. Mike: I have to agree with your assessment. I was also as lucky as you were as I found my Model Ones for $5.00 at an Estate Sale. I was then interested only in salvaging the tweeters for use in my vintage Polks as I was unaware of the sonic qualities of Cizek. Initially I walked away from the Cizeks as my space (studio apartment) left little room for another pair of speakers. I went home and googled them and on reading the reviews, I went straight back to the sale and picked them up. Refoamed them and now they are my most listened to speakers. I use mine with a Fisher 400 tube receiver wh
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