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Sum of mods/upgrades for the New Large Advent speaker


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I have 2 pairs of the New Advent Speakers, the 10" woofer basket model, that I plan to use "stacked" . One pair, are the rounded corner walnut cabinets, the other is the square cornered veneered slightly smaller cabinets, but both have the same components.

I would like to upgrade the xover's to their best, what is the current consensus for best xover parts, do resistors need to be replaced?

I would like to use the best replacement foam surrounds, which are those? Which is best method: Using shims to align cone or applying low power/music so cone self aligns as per Stereophile article?

Which are the best dustcaps (felt, paper, cloth screen, coated cloth...these choices from MSound) and what is the best size?

Does it make enough difference to center the tweeters?

Basically, reading through all the different threads, it can get confusing...there are many different threads, and the time periods are enough that I think an "all in one" thread would really bring everything together.

Any other mods/upgrades that haven't been mentioned here would also be appreciated.


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Hi Rick. Welcome. I recognize your screen name from other forums.

It sounds like you have one pair of New Advent Loudspeakers and one pair of Advent/1s.

Anyway, my philosophy concerning Advents is to keep them as near possible to original. That way, you will be assured of hearing them as intended.

I know that, theoretically, replacing the capacitors in the crossover with more modern types should yield better sound but I don't think that's necessarily the case. When these speakers were first designed and built, Henry Kloss and others listened to them using the capacitors originally put into them and I believe that is what should be used as replacements.

I would measure the resistors and if they are in spec., leave them in there.

In fact, I have never replaced any of the capacitors in any of my original Advents (not New Advents). I just measured them to be sure they were in spec. and they all are.

The surrounds need to be very compliant (floppy) and have a roll that is 17 - 18mm wide. There are several suppliers who have the correct ones. I'm sure Carl's are the right ones as well as Gordon W.'s over on AK. Also Rick Cobb in Florida. The floppiness is important in that the trapped air in the cabinet has to be the controlling force to return the cone to rest, not the surround.

When I redo surrounds, I don't use either of the methods you mentioned. I just feel by hand and push up and down on the cone while the glue is setting up to be sure there is no rubbing. This has always worked for me.

The original dust caps are cloth screen and this is what should be used for replacements as there is a controlled leakage through them and, also, there may be an effect on the sound from the woofers if different types are used. Of course, this assumes the dust caps are removed during refoaming which I have never done and, so, have never had to replace any.

I don't think I would try to center the tweeters. They were placed where they are for best integration with the woofers. Some have made left and right speakers by putting one tweeter on the other side and have reported improved imaging but I feel mine image satisfactorilly as is.

You're right in that there are many threads about Advents and just as many different opinions on how to approach restoration.

The above are mine.



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Rick Cobb for surrounds; his kit includes a 30Hz CD to do the alignment without removing the dust cap or shimming.

Advents don't image worth a whit. Mirror- imaging or centering the tweeters helps with this.

The grille is integral to the performance of the originals, less so the "new".

Crossover upgrade? Here go:


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