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AR-3a make T.A.S. roster?


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In the most recent September issue of "The-Absolute-Sound" magazine, article entitled the "The Twelve Most Significant Speakers of All Time".

The AR-3a is mentioned and good-gosh is actually pictured. Oh my! Perhaps my undying love for the 3a has been honored after all these years from when I first fell in love with and bought them in 1971, maybe mid- '72! I'm very happy to hear about such an acknowledgment. On another note, dem guys der pushing $80 thou, speakers and $50, thou. amps, $8 thou. cartridges, may have finally come to their senses.


P.S. Regarding my last silly post. Once again it was simply a fuse problem again affording me no sound out-put. Damn thing is this was with a 2&1/2 amp fuse.

I lowered the bass controls on the pre-amp, and I promise, I won't get so 'carried-away' the next time I get crazy.


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