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The Kitchen is closed!


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Trying to keep these forums (well, largely this forum) from blowing up seems to have become a full-time job for Gene, when all I was hoping for originally was that he would help me keep spammers out. You all only see part of what he deals with... if you took into account private messages and emails, I think most people would have given up already. Here's a look at some of what he's dealing with now:

1.) Griping about the fact that we agreed to remove posts

2.) Griping because we aren't banning people

3.) Griping that there's too much moderation

4.) Griping that there's not enough

I'm shutting this forum down. If people can't keep things civil in the rest of the forums here, I'll use the ban functionality liberally. Please step back and think about what's going on here... this website is maintained to help people repair their classic New England speakers, not to entertain - there are plenty of other forums for that, and on some insulting each other is fair game too. Not here.


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