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Roy Allison interview in 1992 issue of The Audio Critic

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I recently posted an additional article about Roy Allison in the Library additions and corrections section. This one is an interview Roy gave to Ranada as part of a series in the Spring/Summer, 1992 edition of The Audio Critic. In the article Roy not only discusses the Allison boundary effect (something he discovered as part of his research on the AR-3a in typical home-listening rooms), but also offered comments upon the series of live vs recorded concerts Edgar Villchur presented when both were at Acoustic Research.

Virtually all AR fans should be interested in what Roy had to say about those concerts, since they relate to the real-world quality of the AR-3 speakers used in the demos. I bracketed that section in pencil marks in the draft when I first read it years ago.

Howard Ferstler

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