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KLH Model 55 Receiver


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Not exactly the most sought after piece in KLH history, but this example is museum quality. Not a scratch. Fascia looks like it was made yesterday, as do all the knobs. Everything functions perfectly. Every switch, knob, and bulb. Wood case is fine, air vent screen never caved in. Now maybe 10-15 years ago I had a similar KLH Model 52A. Before, during and after that time, I have had hundreds of receivers pass through here. Not ONE of them sounded as sweet to me as the underpowered Model 52A. Well, MAYBE the Advent 300, but that's about it. This Model 55 doesn't really sound exactly like the 52A and whatever I was using it with on my desk at work, but it's nice.

$75 local pick-up here in South/Central Jersey preferred. I'm not here all the time at this forum, but I will try and check in enough to provide a timely response to anyone interested.

Thank you,


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