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AR3's Up & Running!!


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After finishing the recap on my AR3's, and not really hearing any change in the sound out in the garage (always a great listening site!!), I moved them into the house in place of my L100 JBL's. After a couple weeks of listening, I have to say that they have "come around"!!

These now take me back to when I was using KLH 5's and enjoying the east coast/New England sound in the 60's and 70's. I am hearing more in the music and voices again. Very enjoyable. I like the L100's for some stuff, but these are way better for almost all of what I have been listening to.. Very smooth and listenable (?), and don't seem to tire the ears out at high levels like the JBL's. These are being driven by a Yamaha RX-V3000 only in 2 channel mode. I use the Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble's for theater and surround.

Added a couple of pics so you all can see the finished product.




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Very nice job on those 3a's! They are great sounding aren't they?

I had JBL L36's not the L-100. I prefer the AR's.

Back in the day we did a lot of AR vs JBL "testing" and my reaction was: ARs sound like I'm listening to music; JBLs sound like I'm listening to speakers! :blink:

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