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AR-1 #16931 rescued from grille mutilator


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The mutilator in question is myself. I have rebuilt several AR's and am familar with the 2 and 3 series. So when I got this single AR-1 I was after only the box. Just before I started to mutilate the grill I thought maybe I should look this guy up since this is the first one I have seen. Reading a post that screwing up the grill could reduce the value a $1000.00 put the brakes on.

This speaker is most likely from a mono system, sad but true. I am trying to track down the old owner and verify its history (Oak Ridge has many old, old physicists, scientists, engineers, etc.).

The speaker is in far better shape than any other AR I have come across. Sounds excellent. The crossover components must still be fairly good. Woofer appears to have the cloth surround and may be a bit porous (this is from my previous experience with them) though the bass is excellent. The 755a sounds great, I can understand it's cult following. The grill is ivory (I believe it is it's original hue) but in excellent shape. The box has some scratching but a little Howard refinish and a good oiling would make it look like new.

My original "gut and use the box" plan is out. My vintage ethics code would never allow me to commit such sacrilege.

Now the big question: Do I sell it whole or part it out. i.e. is the 755a and cloth woofer more valuable than the whole speaker and cabinet.

The groups input is welcome and encouraged.

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From a purely monetary perspective, the 755a is probably worth more than the rest of the speaker.

If you sell the 755a and want to consider working the rest of the box for a while, I bookmarked this a while back in case I ever ran across a 755a-less AR-1:


Seems inexpensive enough to give one a try.

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