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Low Cost, Quality Speaker Stands


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Two years ago I stumbled upon these speaker stands and I was more than impressed by their quality and study construction.

I had originally purchased one pair and when I received them, I quickly bought another pair as I was most impressed and satisfied.

Thing is, the pair I had purchased were approximately 16 inches tall, enough height for most speakers like, a vertically standing pair of AR's, Advent's, KLH's, etc.

After my 'joyful-dust' settled I wondered about buying more for future use, unfortunately the ebay seller had run out of them. I had wondered if I could locate a taller pair with the same steel welded construction, however my 'murphy's law' way of life's luck didn't allow me to find any. I had been searching the web franticly since with nothing similar for the original low price, nor the welded steel construction either, only weak appearing wood types- which I won't 'stand' for, get it Alice? Stand for? Bang-zoom!

Well a few days ago I found them again but, from a different supplier. The stands appear identical to the original ones I had, except, this time the supplier offered two different available heights; 22 inches and 16 inches.

My AR-LST stands that I've used for years are presumably 'target' stands and are welded steel also, except they have only one grouping of four steel square columns, most peeps think they may look a bit precarious and that my LST's may fall, good gosh, heaven forbid! Well I've had no accidents, thankfully, but I feel to use a double set of these newer less expensive stands make for a physically more substantial support, and their appearance is more pleasing to my eyes at least.

These newer stands don't have 'spike-feet', just little rubber ones but the holes are there and I guess one could install spike-feet with a little more drilling to make the holes larger, although there must be available spikes (from P.E.)that would fit and the top platform is simply a flat piece of steel but with holes for rubber feet/spacers, etc. I intend to use that rubber counter wholie stuff (that others also sell as turntable platter mats) available in home supply stores for securing the speakers from any sliding. I'm already using the lower stands (in double configuration, meaning that I use four stands altogether, two for each speaker) for my latest pair of LST's and they look very 'smart-looking' and certainly afford more than enough support and security of the LST's 90lb.weight. Keep in mind that I'm looking at eight columns per stereo side and I don't mind it cause it simply imparts a robust and extremely solid 'look', kinda like the temple of "Karnac" in Egypt. When I remove my running stacked LST's off of the target-stands I will have even more security and confidence that the speakers are well supported indeed!

My wood floors don't necessitate spike feet, so there's no problem there, and my old stands have non-removable mini-spikes on their top steel platform, which of course has made little pin holes on the bottoms of my prized LST's, small matter as these little holes are not visible.

I must honestly state that I have no connections to this speaker stand supplier, so there's no implied endorsement and certainly no business is transpiring between parties whatsoever, so you had better believe me Alice! This is only to be understood and taken as a 'good-lead' that I'm passing on to fellow members. I'm simply reporting a great deal for mutual speaker lovers and CSP fans that are in need of a low cost, wonderfully built and strong speaker stands. Of course 'buy' at your own risk, but personally, I'm more than gleeful, happy, peppy, bouncy, and bursting with love.

If anyone buys these, please report your impressions as I'm totally thrilled about them and would like to hear other's experiences. I myself think they're as tony the tiger would say; "Great"!

Here's the link: the link didn't work when I tried it so simply search ebay for this title. "1 Pair Black Floor Speaker Stands Audio Sound Racks 1EJ", but here it is:http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190304201317&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT

FM, maybe now, at least hopefully, everyone's a friend.

P.S. Just one word of advice, make sure that you order the appropriate height that will serve you best. For my double stacked LST's, I will use two sets of the taller stands for each stereo-side, and for my up coming horizontal lying triple stacked AR-3a's I will use two sets of the shorter 16 inch stands per stereo-side. That's right Alice, I'm still a two-channel man and I don't ever believe I will recover. Just go ask Burt Weidemeyer, I tell ya!

P.S.2 Don't just sit there, stand-up for your speaker stands! What?

P.S.3 I've noticed that there may be a few other suppliers around the web that carry them, I just chose the indicated one above randomly as the first I spotted. I should receive them in a few days, if they are not as pictured or different from what I already have, I will certainly get a refund, but I feel I've located the correct ones. Best of luck.

P.S. 4 As one of my favorite and greatest and totally and completely talented actors, James Cagney said in the movie 'White-Heat'; "Top-of the World" "Mamma", I mean my speakers are now that is. And 'another-thing' Alice..........

Not another P.S.

Yes that right Johnny, another one but, on another note. And I hope the staunch CSP members don't mind that I post this here but....

One the best things I ever didn't for my AR speakers was to buy a vinyl record cleaning machine!

I have used my recent VPI 16.5 on a large portion of my originally owned vinyl from way back in the sixties to the present available new pressings I own and the treasure trove of over four hundred used disks that I've recently purchased and good-gosh and OMG and all of that other stuff to you too! I can once again state that my AR's have never given me such depth, sound-stage and all of those other 50 cent words used in the higher hi-fi magazines. Fact is, this cleaning procedure has enabled me to walk into a used record store with a smile on face look that exudes almost a sinister devilish like appearance. Another fact is I was so... pleased at how good my system sounded and having my speakers showing me their true greatness after washing my second haul from a used record store, I told the owner that my results in buying used records were so terrific and that I couldn't believe that I could get these results from doing so that two weeks later he raised his prices on used vinyl from .99cents to over $2. in many cases.....that's because I have a "Big Mouth" Alice. But I haven't let it get the best of me as resurrecting used vinyl on that machine and hearing my LST's almost thanking me for it is quite a revelation in of itself! I mean peeps, my speakers are actually sounding better while playing vinyl disks because of the mere fact that the old term 'program-material' is better and vinyl is in many cases superior to CD -there, I said it! And of course I must sound like all of the rest of those 'johnny come lately's about this new ten year old raving and ranting about vinyl. Thing for me is I never gave it up, although I still relish the positive qualities of the mighty sounding CD, eg. higher recording and playback levels, a 'relatively newer' technology, and other realized benefits, etc. But also as some of these staunch vinyl revelers say, I'm still into that almost ritual like process of putting on a record, a real record as us chosen ones might concur. Years past much available vinyl wasn't well recorded and any problem one could say about it did exist, although I have some records that are old and were very well recorded depending on the manufacturer of course. same of the newer recorded vinyl, let us say with-in the last 20 to 30 years has been mostly done correctly, generally speaking. But hey I have a few CD's that don't 'make-it' either. Vinyl for me is almost a 'more-natural', 'woody', wholesome, 'down with my fingers in the earth' sort of experience. I owe it all to Thomas Edison, that brain he was! Boy, I wish I could think like him!

O.K. so to cap this rambling, CD's are terrific and generally wonderful and convenient to listen to, but gosh, a good quality vinyl set-up and well cleaned records are still for me anyway, the 'all-time' high for pleasurable listening.

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