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Sad Ending of Layne Audio


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Well, that explains alot doesn't it?

What a shame. For those who can't access the link:

Layne Audio final resolution

Hello, I've done a lot of lurking on these forums but I've never had anything to contribute until now. Today I was present for the final resolution of Layne Audio. In searching through these forums from time to time I've noticed references to Layne Audio as a source for replacement parts and repair for AR and Advent and such. I've also noticed a few discussions on the apparent disappearance of Layne Audio. A few years ago I stumbled on their site and found it to be informative and was pleased to discover a source for vintage AR parts and repair. Around this time I spoke with Steve regarding AR3 upgrades, it turns out he lived less than a mile away, I asked him about repairing my xovers and he suggested I try it myself, that he had enough orders as it was. He seemed nice enough and I always intended to drop by but never did, that is until today...to attend the complete dissolution of Layne Audio by way of public auction. At first I didn't know the auction was for the estate of Layne Audio, but arrived at my wife's behest to examine a large amount of "car stereo speakers" at a local real estate auction. As I rummaged through boxes and boxes of new speakers ready to be auctioned off, it was soon apparent that many of the boxes actually contained used speakers missing their foam surrounds yet were carefully wrapped and addressed to Layne Audio, each with a note inside to Steve. Wow, this must be the home of Layne Audio. As I began to grasp the situation, I overheard someone say " The guy who lived here shot himself"...oh man, is that what happened?..Then the auction moved into the garage where I was standing and before I could think to bid, some guy bought the entire contents, blown speakers and all, for $50. Holy Crap! There were speakers everywhere, new speakers, blown speakers, speakers waiting for a new life with new foam. The wreckage of Layne Audio was strewn throughout the house and spilled out into the backyard, all to be sold off one lot at a time. New in the box Earthquake subs sold! with a pair of busted baby Advents. 2 peerless 12's sold! with a fireplace set. For a moment I had a vision of some brave soul sorting through the mess and gathering up all the unopened repair orders to return to their rightful owners. Just as quick, I realized the task far too great to assume. So there it was, the full on vulturing of a formerly respected online audio authority's stash duly distributed by an estate auctioneer. The only thing to do was dive in and try to get those NIB AR3 component upgrades I might never find again, it was difficult not to be paralyzed by the shock and dismay of this former audio guru's tragic suicide. I am sorry to see how one man's depression can effect so many. It must have just become overwhelming for him. Unfortunately we couldn't stay until the end to see what happened to rest of the estate. So in closing, if you have ever sent anything to Layne Audio for repair and wondered why you never heard back from him, sad to say, but he apparently never even opened the box.

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Sorry for the confusion pbda. I did access the link. I was just commenting that the link explained a lot. My initial post wasn't meant to be sarchastic

Layne Audio RIP

Understood, Carl.

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A lot of people here have asked about Layne Audio and whatever happened to this once respected source of info and parts for classic AR/KLH/Advent speakers.

Well, I came across this thread over at AK..........sad. :angry:


I was just checking-in quickly and saw your post... I guess the AR-3 my dad had signed by Edgar Villchur and I had sent to Stephen many years ago for repair is in the hands of someone who showed up at the estate sale? The issue of lost speakers pales in comparison to the human element though. I'm assuming this is what we're talking about:


Truly sad...


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