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AR 90 schematic?


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Thanks, Nigel

In my quest to build a set of AR9s, I picked up a set of networks for the AR90 knowing that the woofer section was different. Therefore, I have the other three other sections covered.

I am trying to find the value of the coil in the woofer section of the AR90 to determine if it can be used as one of the three AR9 woofer coils.


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Thanks to Cliff, one of our many valuable lurkers here, we now have an AR-90 schematic! Check the AR section. It's very high resolution, it came out excellent.

Also .. I have significant amounts of material getting ready to publish on the site. This raises questions about speed, stability, and archival here. This AR forum gets by far the most readership, but it is very important everyone follow the latest threads in the main Classic Speakers forum regarding website updates.



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