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OK 901 owners - time to show us what you've done


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I"ve read a number of posts now from strong supporters of the Bose 901 who've preached how important it is to set them up or, how they've modified their speakers with additional tweeters, etc....

I'm not a 901 owner, but if I was, I'd sure like to know exactly what you've done to make them 'sing'. Could you please provide photos or floor plan sketches of your speaker set up in your rooms so we can see how you've optimized the direct/reflecting sound. Additionally, details on what mod's have been done (i.e. tweeter types, locations, wiring, etc..).

Share your knowledge. Unless, of course your planning to commercialize what you have done.

Thanks in advance...

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Guest special rider

Hello All-

I have a set of Series II on chrome stands in my living room.

They have a nice retro look

They are about 20 inches from the rear wall and about 9 feet apart.

I have each one powered by a 125 watt mono Marantz MA 500 power amp.

Sources are Parasound tuner and Cambridge CD.

I have them wired with 14G Rat-shack flat wire and have slack. If I am going to listen awhile I slide the speakers out or back towards the wall to alter the sound.

The system sounds great, fills the room and the whole level of the house. I often listen while I am doing other things that may require me to at times move around my home.

Sometimes small ensambles or solo insrtamental music does sound "Too big". Most Rock, Jazz and Classical sounds great.

These speakers take lots of critisism from many. I have found them to be versitile and a good value.

These speakers replaced AR11's that also sounded great.



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Guest samiam

Special Rider, I think you need one of those plants from 'Little Shop Of Horrors' sitting on top of your speakers. Much more in keeping with the era and much more entertaining. Feed me Seymour!

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Guest samiam

I have had some Acoustimass 5 speakers in my shop for years, for the convenience, not the listening (that said they do sound great in a shop environment). They stopped working so I got them fixed and while I had them out I thought I'd hook them up to the second pre-out on my home system (Carver 350W). WOW... 901 #2's and these little baby's sound INCREDIBLE together. Both have weaknesses, but put them together and they are awesome. Grunt, smoothness, subtlety at low or high volume, like I've never heard before. Stereo separation is much sharper too as the little cubes are much more of a tweeter than the 901's full range drivers. If you get the chance try it.

So I'm keeping the AM5's at home now just stuck to the top of the 901's with double sided sticky tape, I have experimented a little with locating them elsewhere in the room but they sound best right there on top. By the way the 901's are fixed upside down from the ceiling on the original stands.

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