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Repairing Dented/Crushed Domes


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When I purchased my 9's, one of the upper mid domes was crushed in. I figured I could use the vacuum cleaner suckout technique, or the masking tape technique to restore the dome to its original shape. I wasn't having much luck with it, so I called Layne for a replacement. Knowledgeable guy, and what he said made sense. "If the dome has been crushed for awhile, it's the same as taking a pair of jeans, folding them the wrong way, and stuffing them in a drawer with other clothes putting pressure on the fold. When you try and get that crease out, it just doesn't want to do it!" This made sense, as jeans and those domes are both fabric.

The replacement arrived, but I wasn't quite finished trying to restore the old one. I tried vacuuming out the dome again. I tried it with the speaker in an upright position, and with the speaker on its "back". Both attempts yielded the same results. The dome would indeed get restored to its original shape, but would collapse right back to the old crushed position. Then I had an idea. Was gravity helping to keep the dome crushed? You bet it was! I took the speaker, and laid it on two upholstered kitchen chairs, with the front baffle facing down. Slid underneath, vacuumed out the dome, and it stayed in the correct position. Not looking for trouble, I left the speaker on the chairs for two more days. When I took the speaker and stood it up, the dome stayed put! Maybe this technique can help others, maybe not.

Toasted Almond

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