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Radio Shack Minimus 7 Mod

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I implemented a quick XO mod for the RS Minimus 7 several months ago. I did not

do extensive measurements so I did not post it. A fellow here did the measurements

that can be seen in this thread:



PB-1 Basic Mod that uses the original drivers and tweeter inductor:

1.5 mH to woofer, 4.7 uF + 3 ohm shunt

2.7 uF + 2 ohms to tweeter, keep original .4 mH inductor.

Use 2 to 4 ohms to adjust the high end level.

Schematic here as PB-1, note that I used 2 to 4 ohms for R2 not 5 as shown:


My earlier measurements are here:


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