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AR-2ax/5/LST2 3/4" dome tweeter for trade only


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Wasn't going to post this for a while, but with all the spam coming in, maybe some real traffic will be a relief. Maybe we can keep bumping it to the top until the spam attack is over so we don't have to keep seeing the spam in the forum list...

I have a spare 3/4" dome tweeter for AR-2ax, 5 or LST2. This is a front-wired unit, P/N 4600-2, date stamped July 1973, in good condition (nice, round dome with no dents or flat spots).

I will trade it for:

a back-wired unit of the same tweeter, P/N 200013-2 or 1200013-2


an AR-3a/LST 3/4" dome tweeter, front or back-wired, P/N 4600-1, 200013-1 or 1200013-1

I will cover your shipping charges. If you think your tweeter model is worth more than mine, would be willing to discuss adding a small amount of cash in to even things out.

TRADE ONLY, for one of the above. Please, no cash buy offers.



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