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Converted to 3A 11/14/74 by JM


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Only 200? That should be no problem .. ;)

I took some high resolution pictures this last weekend of my AR3/A's which are "in progress" .. these are the cabinets my dad had signed by Villchur a few years ago. I also took some shots of the AR303a's so people can check them out. I don't think I have ever seen 303a pictures on the net. Granted, they are very similar to the 303. I hope to have all the pics online this coming weekend.

And .. I saw a reference to a 302T on the net?? A tower version of the 302? Did this not get into full production? I checked my sales brochure I got from AR at the time and no mention of it.


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>A little off topic put how do the 3A's compare with the


Julian Hirsch of Hirsch-Houck Labs did this very comparison in a published review in *Stereo Review* magazine a few years ago, using a pair of AR-303's and a pair of my AR-3a's. Admittedly, my AR-3a's were 1967 original, mint-condition, little-used pair of the AR-3a, and this helped a great deal. I first sent my AR-3a's off to AR in Benecia, California, and the engineers there (primarily Bill Bush, assistant to Ken Kantor in the early NHT days) checked the pair carefully to be sure they worked properly. Then the AR-3a's were sent to New York for Julian Hirsch to measure, listen to and report on, if you will.

There was a definite "family resemblance," and there were more similarities than differences, which I think was the intent of designer Ken Kantor and his team, but the 303 definitely has flatter and smoother frequency response across the band. It is an improved speaker in nearly every respect. As for acoustic-power response, I would think that would be a close call.

--Tom Tyson

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