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Free Acoustical & Electrical Measurement Software

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Acoustical measurements are important for modifying a system and even to confirm

the results of a restoration. There are several free software packages available and

this thread is a place where people can offer their experience with the different

packages out there. I use LAUD which is not free and have not done any extensive

evalutation of the free ones. Link for LAUD and PRAXIS:


LAUD is discontinued, and PRAXIS, the newer product is expensive but has a fairly

powerful free demo mode.

I recently included my Neutrik 3382 microphone in this evaluation:


The Behringer is the best low cost mic in my opinion, however keep in mind that a

phantom power source is required:


A very simple, free RTA application is SYNRTA:


Another more complex package is Room EQ Wizard:


There are many other free packages available on the net.

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