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AR Badges


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Brass 1-1/8" square early style - Good looking original pair - restored

Black SURFACE script


Have been polished and present very well

NOT PERFECT - One required minor "strengthening" due to wear, not cleaning.

One has tiny pin prick mark between the "A" and the "R"

Viewed on angle some discoloration is still evident, not worth the risk of damaging the original lettering to remove.

Sorry no pictures - no camera

Can return if not happy or as described

Asking $25 Dollars - Includes shipping

Willing to work out a trade for some original potted magnet AR-5 woofers in need of new compliance.

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I failed to mention the grille:

"AR" 2-ax

Nice tight original cloth, light discoloration from the adhesive bleed

Came from a later model so it attached with Velcro; no glue globs and snags from removal

I also have a like new genuine "2-ax" badge.

I don't need this stuff, but I do need some repairable, potted magnet 10"s.

Hopefully we can apply these little items towards a swap.



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