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New-old work......


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quote name='dynaco_dan' date='Jan 18 2008, 03:23 AM' post='72410']

Hi there;

Nice to see this photo once again.

Is it Frank's stacked speaker system? LOL LOL

New Topic:

I caught those words Dan the Man! Hey fella aka great-guy in upstate NY too, I'm back after being away for a long time, soon the tweeters too!

And NO!, I didn't sell my LST's! No way in hell would I ever even consider selling those four 'stacked' beauties. They well be with me till the end of my exsistance, period, no 'buyer' offers, eeeevvvvvv-e-rrrrrrrr, please!

Or sure the'll be 4 'stacked' AR-3a's in another room too, along with two more Phase Linear 400's.

In fact I just finished re-foaming 4 LST woofers in one weekend, total time, about 3 hours per basket, wait, basket, hats, me, whose friend?.

Yes, I'm back, but only after some actual work completed. I feel it useless to report my usual

carrying-on, so I actually did some work to mention.

It's amazing how the surrounds 'fit' oddly out 'of-true' around on top of the

"masonite" rim, and althought I haven't had the time to mount the woofers in the cabinets and 'pay-respects' of listening, they seem to 'bounce' up and

down quite well, even with the 'ole battery test.

I'll mount two in the cabinets tomorrow and report back.

Other than that, I can report that part-ex_ress glue works well and vi_tageAr surrounds seems to be just like I like 'em, wide. Anyone know of wder surrounds?

Respectfully, FM -man and boy on a mission to finally re-do my AR's, althought I need more time for everything necessary, AKA tweeters. Hey, I've had them for many years and they've been more sincere in their dialog and intent than most of the women I've known.

P.S. I'm not only an AR-3a, LST, 2ax tinker, but also a major 'listener', CD, etc., but also when I'm in a serious mood, LP vinyl.

Having said that, I must admit after my 'paisono' , major opera singer, Luciano P. passed recently, I felt it over-whelming necessary to play some vinyl of his from 1978 and there abouts with a Shure V15 type 3 and a AT 440Mla, also, soon with a Denon DL-160 MC.

I must declear, even after all of my fathers '78s from the thirties of "Curuso", I think Luciano is a better tenor.

Any opinions?

FM Vinyl man too!

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It's nice to see you back and posting again.

What's the status of replacing all those LST tweeters with those ABT's replacement units you bought now that KK has provided the world with a 'fix' that makes the ABT tweeter close to the original 3a tweeter's performance?

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