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Responding to emails, FAQ ..


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I get too much email to respond to individually, so I have put together a signature file that incorporates a brief FAQ .. please check this out and if you have any suggestions, let me know.

Here it goes:

I am not able to personally respond in a timely fashion to all the emails I receive regarding The Classic Speaker Pages.

Please post your comments and/or questions in the discussion forums located on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Why are you not able to answer questions sent via email?

The Classic Speaker Pages are run as a hobby, not a business. The amount of email I receive is significant, many of the questions having already been answered in the discussion forums.

2.) Why is your email address on the website if this is the case?

The Webmaster links were put on the website at a time when the website was not as popular or well ranked on various search engines. The next major redesign of the website will not feature my email address as prominently, and will also elaborate on the appropriate use.

3.) How much are my (insert speaker brand and model) worth?

Again, please visit the discussion forums on the website.

4.) How do I register for the discussion forums so that I can post?


5.) What is your relationship with http://www.arsound.com?

There is none. A significant amount of material in the AR section of The Classic Speaker Pages was copied verbatim and placed on the website in question, apparently located in South Korea. Much of the material on The Classic Speaker Pages should be distributed as necessary, however, re-posting individual users comments without giving notice or asking permission shows poor judgement regardless of what country you may reside in.

Thanks for your interest in The Classic Speaker Pages,



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