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Source of AR Pictures?


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< I don't know who they are, but I do know that's an AR-9 woofer crossover they are looking at.

< Bret

That's Tim Holl on the right, and I believe it's Alex DeCoster on the left. I'm not sure of the two gentlemen in the middle.

Steve F.

In picture #58, (I think) that is a young Alex DeKoster (not DeCoster, I believe) on the left, Bob Berkovitz standing, I believe Alan Roderiquez (mechanical engineer) standing beside Berkovitz and Tim Holl sitting on the right. In picture 56, Roderiquez is I believe standing, but I'm not sure who is seated. In picture #60 I think that is Carlos Moniz (not positive) of the customer services area. Picture #61 is the "doping" of butyl-latex on the AR-1 with an early half-round surround. Picture #75 is the AR-2 reference sound source for the Perma Power test chamber. Picture # 76 is the original acoustic-suspension patent document (this picture (as well as #75) was used in AR ads in the 1950s. Picture #63 shows the 1-1/2-inch dome midrange (likely from the AR-9) voice coil and former assembly. The cut-away pictures of the AR-9 upper midrange show the Ferrofluid on the *outside* of the voice coil.

--Tom Tyson

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