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AR 112


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my name is Antonino and I live in Italy.

I recently found a couple of AR-112 speakers in very good condition.

I can't find any information about these speakers on the Internet.

The rear label of the speakers specifies that they were manufactured by Teledyne Acoustic Research in England.

Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.



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A post of mine from 2003:

"The Spirit Series also dated from 1990, but I never actually saw it in any store here in the Boston area. They came and went very fast.

There were 6 models. The 142 was one down from the top of the line 162. It was interesting to read Julian Hirsch's review of the 162 in Stereo Review. He was such an AR fan, he loved the classic ARs, and correctly felt the AR-1 was the turning point for modern speaker design. I almost felt bad for him as he struggled vainly to find something good to say about the 162. This was the absolute end of the AR we all knew from years past. Forgettable boxes stuffed with OEM drivers. Very sad.

The 142 was a small floorstanding speaker, with an 8" woofer, a 6 1/2" woofer/midrange, and a 1" (not 1 1/4") dome tweeter. It was a "2 1/2" -way configuration. LF response was rated to -3dB @ 52Hz. Dimensions were 25 5/8 x 9 1/8 x 11" HWD.

There was also a full line of Spirit electronic components--integrated amps, a receiver, tuner, tape deck, and CD player. "


The Spirit 112 was the entry-level model in this range, a 6" 2-way in a small cabinet of 14 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/2". LF was spec'd at -3dB @ 65 Hz. I never heard them.

Oh, and the X-07 receiver that someone asked about recently was part of this Spirit range of electronics. It was rated for both 4 and 8 ohm operation (95 and 70w), over a bandwidth of 15 Hz (not 20 Hz!) - 20 kHz, at .05% THD and IM. Great specs, but never saw a review or knew anyone who owned these products.

Steve F.

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