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jensen model# - iso info/specs


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Guest Tinnitus
2 way with 10" woofer,

4.5" tweeter,

wood veneer cabinets,

is there any info anywhere re jensen speakers?

does anyone else have vintage jensens

thank you for any info

As you may know, Jensen speakers were used in a lot of musical instrument amplifiers (Fender, etc.) They were made in the US and very popular in those amps, but didn't have as good a reputation as Electrovoice. I have an old Supro guitar amp (60's) that has an original 12" Jensen speaker in it. It adds to the value of guitar collectors that an amp has the "correct" speaker, which was often Jensen - they know the correct color of the labels etc. Jensen doesn't seem to have been that popular with hifi stereo equipment, probably didn't have the marketing know-how. Plus the instrument market wasn't interested in acoustic suspension. But I do have a pair of (ported) speakers marked "Jensen 1030" made in USA that sound good. Yours look older than mine; I like the "J" tag.

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I have a pair of Jensen's like yours and I've been trying to find out which model they are etc. I found these speakers on $bay and I believe they come close to mine ( which also includes yours)

the only major difference being the grills....

check out this listing 140307188121

Jensen model 17's

Speakers measure 18 1/4" by 11 1/8" by 8 1/4". or 46cm's by 28cm's by 21cm's.

As they say, better late than never.......



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Guest tonedeaf

Hello, I have a pair of Jensen box speakers, mine are model 23. Mine use the same looking woofer as yours, however mine has a dome tweeter and control on the front. These sound very fine (I had to refoam). I did see a few on the web.


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