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  1. Well.......... another suggestion would be to send Larry @ vintage AR ( on US e-bay ) an email. He also sells TSW parts, so I'm hoping he might clear a few things up for you? Anyway, I hope a nice pair of 3ways come your way soon!! Ken
  2. Hi Andre and WELCOME! Hopefully soon, someone here will/might reply with the answers you seek about the difference in AR's TSW series ( from original to A then B ). Its quite possible that there was no difference in them? ken
  3. Can't help but notice this site has quietened down a lot with fewer posts compared to say 1 year ago!! Anyway, If you want uniqueness go for the AR4's, they are harder to come by than say the more common AR4x's. I don't think there would be a huge difference in sound and judging by how you described their condition, a quick re-foam at worst for the 4's. I would go for the 4's first, then the 4x's 2nd! But that's me. This is YOUR decision to make and I hope you make the right 1 for YOU! Ken p.s Greed is good, why not get both?
  4. I have a pair of Jensen's like yours and I've been trying to find out which model they are etc. I found these speakers on $bay and I believe they come close to mine ( which also includes yours) the only major difference being the grills.... check out this listing 140307188121 Jensen model 17's Speakers measure 18 1/4" by 11 1/8" by 8 1/4". or 46cm's by 28cm's by 21cm's. As they say, better late than never.......
  5. l24e

    Avid model 101

    I thought I might up load these pics to give a clearer picture of what I am talking about. I have them in storage at the moment and plan to clean them up....... Here they are in all their glory.. poo brown covers and all! Ken
  6. l24e

    Avid model 101

    Hi and Thanks for the offer, but I do have the warranty card on the bottom of the speakers. I might take some photo's of them and post them on the website to see if they jog anyone else's memory?? They do sound great and it's a shame that not many people know about them.... I guess a lot of things in life get forgotten.... Too bad.. Ken p.s Do you have the brown cloth covers? ( mine are brown ) Why I ask is that I saw a brochure on this site or e-bay and I noticed on a range of speakers they had alternate colours you could choose from. It would be nice to Blue or orange covers, something really 70's.... Thanks again!!
  7. l24e

    Avid model 101

    Hi there, I bought a pair of AVID 101 speakers the other day, they sound great, but I am finding it very difficult to find any information on them. They are a 2 way speaker, each tower has 3 tweeters ( 1 in the front and 1 on each side ) and they are front ported. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated! Ken
  8. Hi Rob, I may as well put my 2 cents worth in (1 cent if you take the exchange rate into account) . You sound confused and disappointed in your speakers, Why so? Just because they are post classic or beyond doesn't mean they are crap, what you have is a piece of AR history! Not many people have them, which makes you one of a few people who do! Try to re-foam your woofers if you can, if not pay a professional to do it for you; go one step at a time. The AR48s are a 3 way speaker which should have a better range than a 2way speaker. How many other AR speakers have you heard? Unless you listen to other AR speakers in the same room the difference in sound might not be that great. Anyway, you have them now, why not use them as a stepping stone to bigger, older and more expensive classic speakers? Good luck with your decision making! ken
  9. Thank you for your reply rek 2-3-4 , I'm not sure if you can see the record no. next to the Vanguard label( The image looks blurred ) but for a future reference the record no. is "SPV-42". The album was released in 1981 by Teledyne- Acoustic Research and The Vanguard Recording Society..... I found this album on e-bay, I'm guessing a limited release? but maybe Amazon or e-bay might have something for you if you are interested in trying to track down the album and complimenting your already fine collection of records ? cheers, ken
  10. Hey ya... I was wondering how many members have this recording? On the cover it makes mention that it was designed to test the quality of your stereo system. Those with both large and small set ups , did you find it taxing on your system-'s as described in the text? I found items like this and Roy Allisons book ,High Fidelity Systems very interesting! (A Must Have!) Also, has anyone successfully copied this album over to a cd without losing much of the quality of the recording? Cheers ken
  11. Hi Kent, I was wondering if you won those speakers on the Canadian e-bay? As I , after reading your post decided to Google RA Labs . One of the links showed a pair of speakers matching your description ( JBL tweeter ) . This might not be of any use to you, but on the English e-bay someone is selling a pair of Audax HD 100 D25 tweeters . Item number: 260237828422 Good luck with the restoration!!! If they are the same speakers, it looked like they needed some serious TLC. Ken
  12. Hi all, I just happened to get , by chance a pair of AR-18LS speakers. But............................................................................. ...... Like my AR-16's they are not listed in the AR timeline. My question is, are these speakers 8 ohms like all others? and I would also like to know what the difference is between normal AR-18's and AR-18LS? Or was it an Australian only model?? There is no model no. information stuck on the back of the speaker like all other AR speakers, which is why I'm asking! I will post picks later, if need be... I just need to sneak them in, so the wife won't find them yet... Thanks for reading! Ken p.s Why is it that there is a sales brochure of Ar-16 speakers in the library, but nothing in the AR timeline???? Were we not good enough???? Other than that, have a lovely day!!!
  13. Hi all and thank you for your contributions, You have given me a new found inspiration to look into finding the appropriate items for a future refurbishment of these speakers. I was somewhat surprised to find out that they are not a common speaker to be found ( I thought most owners just never really parted with their toys , ie, anything AR ). Would you believe some bonehead dumped these speakers, only to have myself adopting them as soon as I laid eyes on them. Back to the serious stuff now, the speakers themselves sound fantastic to my ears and my friends, but 1 possible reason why the rubber surrounds may appear to be close to expiry is that the camera I was using does have a low quality lens. Also I was taking the photo in low lit room ... I don't drive these speakers hard, I keep the volume at a reasonable level, enjoying the music rather than have my ears bleeding. Even though the volume is at what I believe to be a reasonable level, would that lower the risk of the capacitors failing in the box's or the age of the capacitors be the only factor? Over all, in their currant condition I am very happy with these babies and I would recommend them to anybody ( If you can find them )!!!!!! You have given me problem now, to fix these first or my newly acquired Allison cd-6 speakers which was supposed to be my project. Thanks again, Kind Regards, Ken
  14. ps Here are some pics of my speakers (1 actually) and please try to block out the curtains in the background as I had little choice in the matter ( ie the anchor ). Also, these were made under licence in Australia! cheers, ken
  15. I am looking for any information on the AR-16 speakers. I have googled these speakers and generally I keep getting the ar16 cables or other AR speakers which is of no use to me. I know that these were made during the teledyne era and that my speakers s/n 240 &243 in walnut, but I want to know how they compare to other AR's?? Thank you, L24e
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