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AR-9's RULE!


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Well, this morning, with all repairs completed, I moved the AR-9's into position, and put some electricity to them. In a word, GLORIOUS sound. Total investment after selling off the speakers they replaced in my home theater room? TEN U.S. dollars! This is ANOTHER pair of speakers that will go into the earth with me when I expire. The others accompanying me into the next world are my Carver Amazing Platinum Mk.IV's, located in my stereo only room. In my humble opinion, the Amazing's have flatter response, and go way down deeper in the low end (four 12" woofs per speaker vs 2 in the 9's). The 9's though are absolutely breathtaking in their own right, and I wouldn't part with them for the world at this point.

A word about placement of the 9's. I was informed on another website that the 9's COULD NOT be placed closer than 3' to a monitor or tv without ill effects emanating from the magnets on the back of the dome upper mid's. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of mine is placed about a foot and a half away from a 1994 RCA 26" monitor (1994 vintage, I'm not really a video freak you see, just want GREAT sound along with some type of picture). I wish I had listened to my own instincts BEFORE I ordered about $15 worth of bucking magnets from Parts Express.

Steve Tidwell, if you're reading this, thanks a million for all the good will, tips, and technical expertise.

Toasted Almond

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