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Hi there;

I have had this on my mind to do a small write-up about a link that I used a few months ago.

The past issues of, Audio Basics by Frank Van Alstine of Jensen Stereo (Double Dyna 400) fame are available free for you to copy or just read.

the link is;


You may change just the year only and another year of reading is available.

If I remember right, 1982 - 90, 2002 + 2004 is available.

There is a lot of mods, critical comments on "magic speaker cables" and good sound advice, period.

If you are only even a little curious about how to do something with your stereo, this is well worth the time for you to see and read.

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Sorry, I screwed up somehow, again.

Just printout or write down the link, somehow I made an error, again and this link as is will not work directly. I just discovered this fact tonight, sorry. It is a very worthwhile visit. Vern

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