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3a Fusing document

Guest Bret

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Guest Bret


You already have this same information in the library under the AR-3 heading.

This document is entirely the same insofar as information is concerned, but as the repository for AR documents I thought you might want to put this in the 3a section.

Notice the address and document number differences.

BTW - you had said you prefer PDF files. There is no upload file-type choice for PDF. The only way for me to send it without changing the files extension was to zip it.



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Hi Bret,

I just checked for the document number and I have this one in the AR/Documents area. I'm going to start adding document numbers or dates (if available) to all the descriptions in the library so it's easier to search for particular items.

Thanks for bringing it up though, I'm sure we still have a ways to go before the library is complete. That reminds me of the stack next to my scanner. ;)


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Hi Mark;

This site is looking grrreeeaaatttt, Mark, as, "Tony the Tiger," would say.

In the AR library under, Additional AR Docs, there is 3 more sheets for fusing that can be added, when you have the time.

I sorted them out for their dates.

L=1631, L-1631 Apr/74 and July/75.

Also this might be a good time to post the AR speaker re-finishing sheet from AR in the library.

There also is the, AR sheet, "Connecting a set of headphones to an amplifier".

I've found only two of the bias pot bypass modifications sheets, thus far, unless my memory is incorrect and there is only the two sheets.

These are each documents directly from AR, not home grown.

What would you like for me to do with the files?


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