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Not New England but nice

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Here are some photos of some not so big name (maybe) speakers.

1) ESS AMT-4, Heil air motion tweeter (top mounted)

8" woofer (butyl surround)

2) ESS Model-4, Heil air motion tweeter (surface mount)

10" midrange

10" woofer

3) dlk Model 4, 1.5" tweeter

5.5" midrange

2-12" woofers

If anyone out there has any info on any of these by chance it would be most helpful.

Just wanted to share some of my odder? speakers






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Guest matty g


Very nice systems! Actually the ESS name is highly regarded and they are quite expensive. A buddy of mine stumbled onto a set of ESS AMT-1's with the Heil transducer some years back and WOW do they project! I was sitting midway between them while listening to some Brian Eno or something, and I swear the vocals were coming from about 4 feet in front of the pair. These ones had the 12" woofers and the 12" passive radiators. Replacement (actually rebuilt) drivers are still available from ESS, but you have to ship them your old ones. Not New England, but really good stuff!



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Guest mark_hafford

hay ... i have some 'DLK - Model 4' ... but they are a bit different ... they need repairs .. but they are real nice !!

DLK - Model 4

2 - 10" subs

1 - 4" tweeter

1 - 1.5" tweeter

on the tops the speakers a marble slabs ...

if u want some pics i could send ... or if u might want them ...

email me at martha_the_stewart@yahoo.com

my names mark !

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