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  1. Ran across these over in another forum. One is a scan of the AR-1 instruction sheet and the other is a scan of a hand drawn crossover network dated 1957 on AR letterhead paper. Thought some of our members in the know could tell if these have any value to be posted to the library. Took a look see and did not find them in there currently, or maybe I just did not know what to search for.
  2. I use Howards and like it. But I never use steel wool. A Danish furniture dealer put me on to using bronze wool instead, which can be picked up at a local hardware store, such as Ace. Also can get your Howards there also.
  3. While I have a couple of ST-70's a Pas-3, PAS-2x and an FM-3 that I am trying to find the time to do some upgrades/modifications to, the gear I use the most is surprisingly a ST-120/PAT-4 with a Technics ST-7300 tuner running through a stacked pair of A-25/A-10's. Usually plays quietly in the background while I am online or trying to lie quietly in the dark with a migraine. Stays tuned to my local college jazz station.
  4. Hi James, I see you haven't shaved since you were here. Nice suit. LOL LOL Vern

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