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KLH Model Four's For Sale


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I have a pair of Model Four's that have been collecting dust for the past couple of years that I have decided to part with. I plan to list them on Ebay but first wanted to list them here for a few days with the hope that someone would buy them and use them as opposed to parting them out. All of the drivers work with no hint of crossover problems. The grill cloths are in very good condition but there are no logos. I would rate the cabinets as 5 out of 10, several stain marks and 2 or 3 small spots with missing veneer. Serial numbers 6037 and 6289.

As always, shipping can be a major hassle, local pick up is best and preferred, I'm in Ann Arbor Michigan. If they need to be shipped, I would take them to UPS and have them pack and ship. Attached are several pictures showing the best and the worst.

Please contact me off list for more info and pictures, "larkins at pobox dot com"





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