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AR LST's, AR-12's for sale


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One pair of really nice LST's.

My room is just too small to do these beauties justice and I have way too much stuff.

Serial numbers 779 and 787.

Cabinetry in very good to excellent condition with no large dents or scratches.

Grills are original with no rips but stained from cigarette smoke. I haven't tried to clean them for fear of damage. They don't smell but are an obvious yellow. The flash has made them look worse than they really are.

All midranges and tweeters are original and working.

woofers have been replaced with new AR woofers. The last owner had subbed some oddball 10" woofers at some point probably because the surrounds went. Shame but the new woofers work well and look original.

One of the switches was broken when I got the speakers and I couldn't find a replacement so I hard wired the speakers to the autoformers. Switches are still in the cabs.

I replaced the fibreglass filling with dacron batting but I have the original fibreglass in 2 boxes. Alas I did not label them left and right but each speakers batting was put in its own box.

I am in the greater Toronto area in Ontario and I prefer to sell locally because packing and shipping these will be a bear.

A box of the proper fuses is included.

Please contact me directly for more information. I will consider part trades of high quality 'box' speakers that could work better in my room or what have you. I can provide more photos as required.

The AR12's are in nice walnut cabinets...not vinyl. Woofers and midranges have been re-foamed. Have the foam front grills but I'm not sure if they're original considering the age. Photos and info available as required.

Please email me at wallys@sympatico.ca because I get too much mail on my Yahoo address.

I will not be AR challenged as I still have 58's, 48's, AR2ax's and AR4's in addition to too many other brands.






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