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Need info about 2ax woofers

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Guest gilbertparts


I am helping a friend get his 2ax's going. Today he showed me the woofers out of the cabinets with the new surrounds. I thought the 2ax had a cast aluminum frame with the "AR" logo cast in. The woofers he showed me had cheaper stamped frames. The magnets were lighter weight than I expected from vintage AR's and I didn't see any markings indicating they were AR. I am wondering if these could be the original 10" woofers that came with the 2ax. Did AR make an "economy " version of this driver ? The magnets have a square back plate that is continuous along two sides like a U shape. There is making tape around the magnate with the date "APR 24 1973" There is screen on the backs of the frame but no AR markings.


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