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Classic 12 s ?


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These were a late model speaker, pre-sellout. The woofers for all the “Classic” series were Asian made clones of Vifa components, cast frames and all. The tweeters were just like those used in the later model AR 48.

There were three models I believe, based on 6.5”, 8”, and 10” woofers. The 6.5” model was the Classic 26, 8” was the 12, don’t remember the 10” model but I’ve sold woofers for them in the past. Have yet to see/ hear a set in person.

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Hi All,

I came across this topic and have a better understanding about my Classic 8 right now!

After reading Joe Nino-Hernes write-up especially on phase positioning, I have get the most out from my Classic 8 and just happy with them. They are a pair of great speakers now.

Just one question, is the Classic series Asian clones that's why not many of you share or discuss about this series???


Gary Wong

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