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AR 11's for sale

Guest bubbas_buddy

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Guest bubbas_buddy

Hello. I have a pair of original Acoustic Research speakers for sale. The finish appears to be oiled walnut. The serial numbers as they appear on the tag on the motorboard are AR11B 19447 and AR11B 19465. My brother bought these speakers new and they have been poorly stored for many years.

The tags that appear on the drivers are: 200011-1/200010-1/200003, all appear original except for one of the mids that is tagged as being a replacement. Both of the 3/4" highrange drivers are good. They give a reading of 3.7 and 3.8 ohms on my multitester, and both make sound. The anti-diffraction foam is deteriorating but is mostly there and both have the white ring on the foam.

The mid's give no reading on my tester and make no sound. Although faded, the eyeballs appear to have been pink.

One of the 12" woofers gives a reading of 3.5 ohms(memory) and reacts to a signal from an amp. The other is negative on both counts. The foam surrounds have disappeared on both woofers, and one has a moldy growth on the lower half of the cone(the good woofer).

One speaker has the brass AR11 badge, the other brown aluminum. One may have been replaced. I have both grills although one has a faint run stain that may be paint. The stain is pretty faint and does not look too bad. Both cabinets are presentable. One has a scratch that is thru the stain on the top, about 1 1/2" long. The other top has about 1/2 arc of a black ring stain about 12" in diameter maybe 1/8" wide.

I have an original manual.

Overall, the speakers are too nice to throw out, and I do not have the time to work on them. I live in Alabama and if anyone is interested you can e-mail me via this site. Be sure to use AR11 in the subject matter.

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