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AR-9 Schematic now online!


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A big thanks to Barry Dorobkowski for drawing a crossover schematic for the AR-9 from the various documents available here and his own pair of 9's.

As the 9 has a (relatively) complex crossover and may have been updated over time, if anyone notices differences in values for their pair of AR-9's, please post them here.

The document is available in three different formats in the AR-9 section of the AR page.

Thanks again Barry!


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I am in the midst of a restoration (surrounds and caps)of my AR 90's and, since the drivers are out, campared the crossover to the AR9.

The top end is the same, except for the 6uf 100vac on the midrange which is a 8uf 100vac on my 90.

The bottom end is different (as expected with 10" drivers in the 90 vs. 12" in the 9) with only one 350uf 50v in the circut.

Unfortunately my circut tracing skills are limited so I would not trust my description of what is there.

Thanks for the helpful site.


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