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Internet buying changes

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Hi there;

As I am sure, most, if not all of you, know that USPS has dropped, the more reasonable, Economy Surface Mail.

The price of shipping, for one example, a 10 pound woofer from the USA to Canada has at least doubled in cost.

There is other avenues of shipping at about the same cost, some with a surcharge.

The US government is trying to get tax dollars from, for just one example, eBay sales.

For US citizens, you may not even know that some US corporations have been collecting out of state and even taxes from Canada and even whatever provinces they have agreements with.

Normally we buy something here in the Prov of BC and pay Prov sales tax and GST (federal) taxes.

If I was to order from, for one example, the Prov of Alberta, we usually pay no prov tax but still pay GST.

If I ordered a widget, from the USA, valued at under $10.00 US, it will usually come directly to my door at $10.00 US, no further charges.

Last year if our customs decided it was taxable, they would charge us about 7 + 7 % taxes and a $5.00 service charge, at their whim.

That $10.00 purchase will now be $16.40 +/-.

They usually add the postage charge into the purchase amount.

Now, UPS and Fedex charge us whatever the current surcharge is, maybe $30.00 and then the PST and GST is added on top.

As a fundraiser more states and countries will be getting finacially creative to gather the many dollars they have been losing.

We here are suppose to collect and submit PST for garage sales, by law.

The IRS may or may not be able to go back retrocatively to collect back taxes.

Locally, when it was discovered here that Costco members were going across into Alberta to buy, which is prov tax free, the tax dept here tried to obtain backdated purchases, so that they could collect what taxes should have been paid here.

I believe that Costco declined that information, at least I am not aware of any other actions, yet.

Tax grabs are the only money raisers that can generate more income.

If the US legislation does get passed, there may be no retroactive collections, but who knows.

For those sellers on eBay, I do hope they have declared their past ebay sales income, it may come back and bite them.

Often governments will forgive and allow past deeds be paid on an honesty basis without receipts.

To sum up my story here, I believe that as of right now, (since May 14, 2007) US eBay export sales will continue to plumment.

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When I buy an item, I pay tax on the purchase and now, years later, when I decide to sell the same item I've already paid taxes on once, they want me to pay taxes on it again? Not bloody likely to happen!

And do not get me started on the so called "property tax".

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>When I buy an item, I pay tax on the purchase and now, years

>later, when I decide to sell the same item I've already paid

>taxes on once, they want me to pay taxes on it again? Not

>bloody likely to happen!


>And do not get me started on the so called "property


Property tax my family has lost more land to this scam rich come in buy up land around you rase the value and tax you out of it Its happening to me know I own my home and i'm on va disability from the gulf war now all around me they are paying way more for land then its worth and my tax's keep going up until I can't keep my home this all sucks and you say if I sale all my stuff to pay tax's at a yard sale the gov wants tax's on that sale it all and move into some senatores back yard and let him taker care of my family like i did for him in the gulf

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Hi Roundsound;

I salute you for your support of your country.

The PST here in BC Canada is suppose to be collected and submitted to our provincial government, based on 7% PST on sale of used, as in yard sale goods, sales tax.

My comment regarding sales tax or taxes on sales from eBay is something I read in the last week or so about the US government.

Obviously Canada will follow suit.

A friend of mine worked for Canada Customs Revenue Agency (CCRA) formerly called Revenue Canada.

When I mentioned about buying off eBay, I saw hair raising on the person's back and eyebrows twitching.

Very obviously a sore point.

Obviously eBay and some yard sales are not just to get rid of a few odds and ends around the house.

I see a lot of local yard sales with new goods, obviously bought off-shore and nothing that I would say was household clearance items.

Obviously un-declared income and no taxes collected.

I am not as pure as snow.

The BC Government versus Costco issue may raise it's ugly head down the road.

We are talking about a lot of lost revenues in tax dollars.

If the government, provincial and federal, were not so wasteful perhaps they would not need the extra tax money.

High local city property taxes have forced elderly person's here to defer them until they sell the property down the road.

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If our respective governments were truely responsible with our tax dollars as they should be and like to make us think they are, they wouldn't be in the mess they are. I wish I could simply vote myself a pay raise every time they raise taxes or vote themselves a raise while in office.

In the U.S. Property taxes are paid every year, not just when the property is sold or bought. Fail to pay the tax and the government has the right to place a tax lein on the property, and if not paid in short order, it will be sold at a tax auction. As far as I'm concerned, this is done to maintain the federal and local governments claim of eminent domain, meaning they have the right to take your property away from you if they determine it's in the better good of of someone else who will pay more taxes on the property than you do. Sarcastic as that is, it does happen.

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