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Magazine Review Index now online!


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Thanks to Rick, Nigel, and some extensive editing on my part, there is now a magazine review index online under the main classic speaker page, just underneath the repair link.

I need someone with access to some (or all?) of these articles to check the accuracy of this index and suggest additional entries. For example, the first entry under KLH needs a title.

Check it out .. I have posted the index in Excel and OpenOffice formats. OpenOffice is free and runs on lots of platforms, you can get it here:



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Guest rickcee

Hi Mark - Listing : Saw it. Had a long pregnancy . . .

1. noticed KLH the Model six review - 6 was typed as "

2. Maybe mention it's meant for library use ( interlibrary loan, for those in the boonies . . .) Anyway, good job. see ya Rick

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