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NHT 3.3's

Guest tjtrout20

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Guest tjtrout20

Hi to all and thanks for all of your informative posts. I have watched and listen for a month or so and find this site to be very educational to me. Thanks to Mark for resolving my registration issue for me!!

I’m seeking some information on a 6.1 HT/2 channel speaker system I am trying to put together. I auditioned a used pair of NHT 3.3 yesterday and just love what this speaker can do. I would like to build the other speakers around these mains as I already have an nht sub two and have been pleased with its performance. I assumed that the 3.3’s were magnetically shielded (having seen so much of NHT speakers designed for such) but found out at the audition that they affective a direct view CRT drastically and as a result came home empty handed. I have a Pioneer Pro 530 RPTV and the 3.3’s would have to sit within 5 or 6 inches from the sides of the TV enclosure. My gut says rethink the speaker choice but as a last resort thought that I would check with the many here that have much greater knowledge that I. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and to all Happy Holidays!!

T. J. Claeys

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