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SMC Loudspeakers?

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I'm re-posting this email I received along with links to the attached pictures which I have placed on the website.

"Hi, I've posted a few q's on your website one of them was regaurding an old set of three ways i bought off a bootsale, i still havn't found any info on these yet hope too soon. I run them off an old home made valve amp that was also off the booty for £15 not bad ! They really do sound fantastic and thought id send ya a pic.

The cab's on these are huge and also internally braced in three places, the tweeter and mid are audax units and the woofer i would like to identify, there 10" with a horse shoe alnco magnet, i have seen these before in B&O speakers and also 8" versions in dynatron speakers ????

Any ideas ??

Much appreciated"

Here are the pictures he had emailed over:



Can anyone help him identify these and provide some history?


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The bass unit looks like a "Peerles" of Scandinavian origin. Of what I remember they had a great sound considering the era, Bang & Olufsen started using these in the late 1960s or so. The mounting brackets for the unit are identical to those on B&Os. Well spotted!

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