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Infinity Quantum 2 speakers


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I have a pair of Infinity Quantum 2 speakers.

I have no idea of their worth.

Can anyone help?

They were brought up to spec at a cost of $400 about 4 years ago. That's all I know. I have no manual or anything.

They are in very good shape and sound (I think) great.


Bill Henderson


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Hi Bill!

I don't know much about Infinity speakers, but I do have an old blue book .. (1995)

Here's the information:

Manufactured: 1977-1982

new list:$1,500

retail used: $380

wholesale mint:$224

wholesale avg:$125

Based upon the work you put into them, they are probably worth much more to you than a dealer ..


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Thanks for the info!

I have two more questions.

Were those prices for each or for both?

Also, that ‘blue book’ you mentioned. Is that on the web, or is it just an old book? The reason I ask, is that I can't finf ANY info anywhere on these speakers.

Again... thanks!


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I have a pair of Infiniti "Quantum Juniors". I bought them new in 1977 for $850 (Canadian), (no Tax in Alberta). They are my number ONE set of speakers to this day, and sound great. I kept the Infiniti Brochure, and it lists the "Quantum 2" as the second to the top of the line "Quantum Line Source".

The only difference is that the "Quantum Line Source" is quite tall, and has (6) Midranges and (8) Tweeters (that's alot of speakers).......... versus the Quantum 2's which have (2) midranges and (3)tweeters. Both of them have a "woofer" and a "midwoofer", which do not exist in the less expensive Quantum JR.

Judging by my measly Quantum JR's (only one woofer, one midrange and one tweeter), I bet your Q2's sound great !

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