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Cizek 727


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As above, I bought a pair of small Cizek 727 speakers this week for $20. The Roy Cizek story intrigued me, so I thought I'd take a listen.

The speakers came from the original owner who bought them in 1982 as her college stereo. Of course, the foam surrounds were long gone. The cabinets looked VERY much like some EPI A-70s from the same period that I bought and gave to one of my son-in-laws a couple of years ago. Shallower, but almost indentical construction.

Pulling the woofer revealed a speaker that IS identical to EPIs of that era, but with a different/heavier magnet, and with damping goo sprayed on the cone and dustcap. The tweeters are little Motorola cone tweets behind a screen. Pretty cheap looking.

But, I have a spare set of EPI woofs for 1983, so I figured, what the heck... it's Friday! Slap 'em in!

I'm eager to get the original woofers racooned and hear what they were supposed to sound like (I may change the cap in the xo, too).


Cizek and EPI woofers.


Cizek and EPI woofers, back.


Cizek 727 xo (unmolested...so far). Lots of "EPI-like" craftsmanship here, too!


Motorola tweeter with EPI woof (temporary installation).

Cabinet construction is almost identical to EPI A-70s... probably same sub-contractor.







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