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Guest evyl robot michael

Hey, everyone!

Right now, it is Monday afternoon. On Saturday, I purchased a pair of near mint Cizek Sound Windows for $10.00 at a garage sale, having never heard of Cizek, but in search for an inexpensive pair of compact speakers. I got far more than I was looking for! When I realized how awesome these little jewels are, I Googled the heck out of them, and found your forums among other things. I found that I personally know people who worked with Roy Cizek at Altec Lansing in OKC! Apparently, he could touch a nut or bolt to his tongue and immediately tell what the diameter and thread pitch of the fastener was.

I say all that just to illustrate how much information I've soaked up in such a short period of time. My new speakers have to be the ugliest things ever produced by Cizek, and I still love them! The grills, being the old, brown, plastic foam; have partially decayed from their three decades of existance, but the speakers themselves are tip-top. It's hard to believe that such a small, thirty-year-old speaker could possibly sound this good!

For the sake of restoration, where can I get a similar material to replace the grilles? I'm sure that some of you have done this operation to this speaker, and I would love to get an experienced testimony to the best way to do it. Thanks in advance,


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That grill-foam is a thing of the past, apparently.

The only source I know of (Newfoam) has been "out of stock" for almost two years, it seems like.


I suggest you get some 1/2" quarter-round moulding strips and build a frame and cover it with the speaker cloth of your choosing.


Good luck!

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