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Great new additions to the AR section!!


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Thanks yet again to Keith Hatfull for contributing some great AR documents. Here's what I just got online in the main AR section:

AR TSW-910 Brochure, includes specs on 100, 110, 210, 310, 410, 510, 610, 810, 910

And in the AR Misc. Documents section:

Edgar Villchur on Loudspeaker Testing and Measurement

Letter from Allison to Hoffman re: AR-3a testing

Letter from Jerome Jackson to a customer re: using the AR-3a for bass

Annoucement for the AR Amplifier with frequency curves

Letter from Martin Borish to a customer re: wiring, amplifier loading, AR-3a and AR-LST

Keith also sent over some other documents, but I may need reprint permission for them. Unfortunately, this is probably unlikely since the current owner(s) are going to ask for hefty payments for publishing.


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