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Cizek memories

Guest jgrove

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Just grateful to walk down memory lane via the internet. I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana and purchased a pair of Cizek speakers in 1974 for $40 at a junk shop -- I liked the walnut cabinets.

Someone saw them several months later in my apartment and went wild. So, I began to appreciate what I had though I never quite believed the story about being built by a blind man. I did have a lot of inquiries over the years by people who knew they were special. I know they were very heavy since I moved them all around the country. I googled my way to your site today just out of curiosity and finally get confirmation. Too bad I sold them! But, like a pet, I made sure the new owner knew their fantastic story.

Thanks for the info.

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Dear Janet,

It's really emotional to see how many people were involved all over the world in listening and loving CIZEK loudspeakers. Your contribution is, indeed, very poetical.

I hope you re-find a pair of CIZEK, like I've done.

In the USA it wouldn'd be difficult and surely less expensive than for an Italian (I paid an enormous amount only for custom taxes, for 2 CIZEKS one).

They should arrive at my home tommorrow I hope...

All The Best


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