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Allison Acoustics( Kenyucky)

Guest John E Jack

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>I heard From A Allison Dealer There Out Of Or going out of



>John E Jack


This information was taken from the Allison Topica newsgroup:


There is no truth to the rumors. We have been going through

a 're-organization'. Everything is almost complete. We will be

announcing some changes via the media very soon. I really am not able to provide details at this time. However, we will

soon be in a much stronger position that we have in recent years. For the record, we continue to build product as usual.



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From: BBOYLESJC@aol.com

To: david@allisonacoustics.com

Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 10:19 PM

Subject: Status of Allison Acoustics


There are all kinds of rumors on the Internet that Allison is going out of business. Any truth to the rumor? I am a big Allison fan and would hate to see the company go under.


Brian Boyle

--Tom Tyson

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Well, here it is early December and their phones still don't work and *now* emails to them all bounce.

I want to order replacement parts and it looks like I'm outta luck, unless I go with an aftermarket replacement thru Layne Audio.

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