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News from Roy Allison himself!


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This was recently posted to the Allison mailing list by A. Lal [akhil.lal@bcc.cuny.edu], I'm sure you all will find it very interesting!

Hello Everyone,

With Roy's permission I am posting the following to the list:


I e-mailed Roy:

Charlie Repka posted a message on the Allison list stating that you will be working with the new team at Allison.

Can you perhaps tell us a bit more about the plans for the company and whether you will run off a batch of dome mid ranges and tweeters to the original specs for those of us needing replacements ?

To which Roy replied as follows:

There is some grounds for the rumor. We've talked, and the lawyers are now trying to put together a contract acceptable to both parties. I will not be an employee but a consultant, if the talks bear fruit.

Meanwhile, I'm working unofficially with the new owner, ttrying to get the mid and tweeter performance back where it used to be. Not an easy task, but necessary if any complete systems are to be produced. Also, even if only that is accomplished, it will make good replacement parts available again.



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